We have interests in residential, commercial and industrial projects in Australia and across the broader Asia Pacific region. We specialise in mid-sized projects with an emphasis on challenging projects. Our approach is take a leadership position on all projects and work closely with key strategic partners to deliver quality residential, commercial and industrial property developments.

Our investment criteria for property include:

  • Sector (residential, commercial and industrial)
  • Region (Asia Pacific only)
  • Growth potential of location
  • Development potential
  • Price
  • Challenges

We take a medium to long term view on our property investments.

Consumer Goods
We have interests in various traditional and online consumer goods businesses across multiple market sectors. We are particularly focussed on niche markets. We do not invest in fad or short term consumer products or markets.

Our investment criteria for consumer goods include:

  • Quality product/s
  • Niche market/s
  • Size of addressable market/s
  • Scalability
  • Opportunity for disruption to market
  • Potential for consistently strong gross margin
  • Potential for complimentary products and product bundling

We take a medium to long term view on our consumer goods investments.

Litigation Funding
Our Litigation Funding division has extensive experience in funding commercial litigation actions in the Australian legal environment. We understand the legal, commercial and financial issues litigants face, including the frustration of having a strong legal case but only limited funds to properly prosecute a claim. We work closely with you to help you get the outcome that you deserve.

Our investment criteria for litigation funding include:

  • Nature of case
  • Stage of litigation and time required to complete
  • Complexity of case
  • Prospects of successful claim
  • Quantum of claim
  • Costs and risks of pursuing claim
  • Extent of counterclaims
  • Extent of security for costs orders

We take a short to medium term view on our litigation funding investments.