A successful capital raising hinges on a well-defined strategy and a forward-looking perspective of the company, supported by thorough financial modelling. This helps in determining the necessary capital and the ideal capital structure for the company.

Equity Capital Raising Services
We cater to companies seeking equity capital, offering various solutions in private and public equity capital raising. Our services include:

  • Seed and Venture Capital
  • Development Capital
  • Pre-IPO Funding
  • Private Equity Capital
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Secondary Placements
  • Rights and Other Entitlement Offers
  • Restructuring Funding
Debt and Hybrid Capital Raising Solutions
Complementing our equity offerings, we provide a spectrum of debt and hybrid funding options, assisting clients with:

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Asset Financing
  • Project Finance (Including Construction Finance)
  • Senior Debt Facilities
  • Mezzanine/Subordinated Debt Facilities
  • Structured/Syndicated Finance
  • Hybrid Securities (e.g., Convertible Notes)
Our extensive experience across various funding scenarios has enabled us to develop an expansive network. This includes investors of all scales, from high-net-worth individuals to global investment funds, and bankers with diverse debt product offerings.

Our Commitment
We guide organisations through the complexities of capital raising, ensuring they secure the most suitable capital promptly.

For assistance with your next capital raising venture, we invite you to contact our team today.