Corporate strategy plays an underpinning and vitally important role in identifying and framing the most appropriate path forward for any organisation.

Many organisations enter into strategic transactions without first considering the strategic context. For example:

  • Raising capital, without first considering the overall business portfolio to determine whether businesses should be managed, expanded, optimised etc, and whether another business unit has surplus cash flows
  • Acquiring another company, when perhaps it makes more sense to start with some form of JV or alliance
  • Entering into a new market by building a business from the ground up, when suitable acquisition targets may exist on the ground
  • Acquiring another company, without first considering the integration challenges, such as culture, systems, customers and markets
  • or divesting a business unit without fully considering the strategic buyers (i.e. those willing to pay a premium), and therefore not achieving the best sale price

We are able to assist organisations with the following corporate strategy offerings:

  • Strategic and business-level planning
  • Corporate structuring and reorganisation
  • Turnaround management
  • Project and investment feasibility assessments
  • and business and financial modelling

In short, we help organisations cut through the noise of day-to-day business to help them identify and execute the best strategy for their given situation.

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