Octani Investments is a full-service independent corporate strategy and corporate financial advisory practice operating throughout the Asia Pacific region

We specialise in assisting middle-market clients in all major industries with strategic transactions such as capital raisings, divestments and acquisitions and corporate strategy. Our approach is to roll our sleeves up and work closely in partnership with our clients providing practical, value-adding advice and solutions to ensure the successful completion of every transaction. Key to our success in originating and completing transactions is our comprehensive network of relevant organisations and individuals throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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Capital is the fuel that drives your growing business.

Core to a successful capital raising is a clear strategy and realistic forward view of the organisation backed by rigorous financial modelling to determine the capital requirements and the optimal capital structure for the organisation.

Equity Capital Raisings
For organisations seeking equity capital, we offer a range of private and public equity capital raising solutions, including assisting clients with:

  • Seed & venture capital
  • Development capital
  • Pre-initial public offering (IPO) funding
  • Private equity capital
  • Initial public offerings
  • Secondary placements
  • Rights and other entitlement offers
  • and restructuring funding

Debt & Hybrid Fund Raisings
To complement our equity capital raising offerings, we also offer a range of debt & hybrid funding solutions, including assisting clients with:

  • Debt restructuring
  • Asset financing
  • Project finance, including construction finance
  • Senior debt facilities
  • Mezzanine / subordinated debt facilities
  • Structured / syndicated finance
  • and hybrid securities such as convertible notes

Through our experience in a broad range of funding situations, we have built a comprehensive network of organisations and individuals relevant to the capital raising process, including investors of all sizes from high net worth individuals through to global investment funds and bankers able to provide a range of debt products.

In short, we help organisations navigate the peaks and pitfalls of capital raising to ensure they successfully secure the most appropriate capital within the required timeframe.

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Exiting is likely to be one of the most significant business decisions you will make.

Selling a business is one of the most significant decisions a business owner makes. Careful attention must be directed towards the overall exit strategy and towards the sale process itself.

We are able to assist organisations with a broad range of divestment transactions to trade/industry and financial buyers, including:

  • Sale of business assets
  • Sale of going concern businesses
  • Sale of underlying securities
  • Carve-outs/spin-offs
  • and demergers

We have developed a broad array of trade/industry and financial relationships relevant to the divestment process, from private equity funds to key organisations in most major industries. In short, we help organisations efficiently navigate through the full divestment process, to ensure they achieve the most optimal sale outcome.

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Fast forward your organisational growth through acquisitions.

One of the core strategies to achieve organisational growth is through acquisitions. From planning, through execution to completion and integration, value can so easily be destroyed without an effective strategy. We are able to assist organisations with single- and multiple-tranche (staged) partial and full acquisitions, including:

  • Acquisition of business assets
  • Acquisition of going concern businesses
  • Acquisition of underlying securities, including evaluating investment opportunities
  • Mergers
  • and post-acquisition integration

Through our experience in a range of acquisition scenarios, we have developed a broad array of advisory relationships relevant to the acquisition process, from corporate and international tax structuring specialists to legal practitioners specialising in strategic transactions. In short, we help organisations through the full acquisition process, including post-acquisition integration, to ensure they achieve the most optimal purchase terms and ultimately maximise acquisition synergies.

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A clearly defined strategy produces consistently positive results.

Corporate strategy plays an underpinning and vitally important role in identifying and framing the most appropriate path forward for any organisation.

Many organisations enter into strategic transactions without first considering the strategic context. For example:

  • Raising capital, without first considering the overall business portfolio to determine whether businesses should be managed, expanded, optimised etc, and whether another business unit has surplus cash flows
  • Acquiring another company, when perhaps it makes more sense to start with some form of JV or alliance
  • Entering into a new market by building a business from the ground up, when suitable acquisition targets may exist on the ground
  • Acquiring another company, without first considering the integration challenges, such as culture, systems, customers and markets
  • or divesting a business unit without fully considering the strategic buyers (i.e. those willing to pay a premium), and therefore not achieving the best sale price

We are able to assist organisations with the following corporate strategy offerings:

  • Strategic and business-level planning
  • Corporate structuring and reorganisation
  • Turnaround management
  • Project and investment feasibility assessments
  • and business and financial modelling

In short, we help organisations cut through the noise of day-to-day business to help them identify and execute the best strategy for their given situation.

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Strategic investments in the Asia Pacific region.

We have interests in various businesses in Australia and across the broader Asia Pacific region.

Specialising in mid-sized businesses, our approach is focussed on medium to long term strategic growth on all investments.

Our investment criteria include:

  • Consistently strong historical financial performance
  • Substantial addressable market/s
  • Scalable business model
  • Opportunity for disruption to market
  • Potential for complimentary products and/or services
  • Potential for product and/or service bundling
  • Potential for bolt-on acquisitions
While our preference is to acquire, we are open to minority investments.

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