Octani Investments is a full-service independent corporate strategy and corporate financial advisory practice operating throughout the Asia Pacific region

We specialise in assisting middle-market clients in all major industries with strategic transactions such as capital raisings, divestments and acquisitions and corporate strategy. Our approach is to roll our sleeves up and work closely in partnership with our clients providing practical, value-adding advice and solutions to ensure the successful completion of every transaction. Key to our success in originating and completing transactions is our comprehensive network of relevant organisations and individuals throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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Capital is the fuel that drives your growing business.

A successful capital raising hinges on a well-defined strategy and a forward-looking perspective of the company, supported by thorough financial modelling. This helps in determining the necessary capital and the ideal capital structure for the company.

Equity Capital Raising Services
We cater to companies seeking equity capital, offering various solutions in private and public equity capital raising. Our services include:

  • Seed and Venture Capital
  • Development Capital
  • Pre-IPO Funding
  • Private Equity Capital
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Secondary Placements
  • Rights and Other Entitlement Offers
  • Restructuring Funding
Debt and Hybrid Capital Raising Solutions
Complementing our equity offerings, we provide a spectrum of debt and hybrid funding options, assisting clients with:

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Asset Financing
  • Project Finance (Including Construction Finance)
  • Senior Debt Facilities
  • Mezzanine/Subordinated Debt Facilities
  • Structured/Syndicated Finance
  • Hybrid Securities (e.g., Convertible Notes)
Our extensive experience across various funding scenarios has enabled us to develop an expansive network. This includes investors of all scales, from high-net-worth individuals to global investment funds, and bankers with diverse debt product offerings.

Our Commitment
We guide organisations through the complexities of capital raising, ensuring they secure the most suitable capital promptly.

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Exiting is likely to be one of the most significant business decisions you will make.

Selling a business ranks as a pivotal decision for any business owner, demanding meticulous planning both in terms of the exit strategy and the sale process itself.

Our expertise extends to supporting organisations in diverse divestment transactions, catering to both trade/industry and financial buyers. Our services encompass:

  • Business Asset Sales
  • Sales of Going Concern Businesses
  • Sales of Underlying Securities
  • Carve-Outs and Spin-Offs
  • Demergers
We boast a wide network of trade/industry and financia connections, spanning from private equity funds to key players across major industries. Our role is to smoothly guide organisations through the entire divestment process, ensuring they secure the most favourable sale results.

For a detailed discussion about selling your business, we encourage you to reach out to our team at your earliest convenience.

Fast forward your organisational growth through acquisitions.

Achieving growth through acquisitions is a core strategy for many organisations. However, value can be lost without a robust strategy guiding the journey from planning and execution to completion and integration. We offer assistance in both single and multiple-tranche (staged) acquisitions, encompassing:

  • Business Asset Acquisitions
  • Acquisitions of Going Concern Businesses
  • Acquisitions of Underlying Securities, Including Investment Opportunity Evaluation
  • Mergers
  • Post-Acquisition Integration
Our extensive experience in various acquisition scenarios has allowed us to cultivate a wide range of advisory relationships. These include corporate and international tax structuring experts and legal professionals specialising in strategic transactions. We guide organisations through the entire acquisition process, including post-integration, to ensure they secure the best purchase terms and fully realise acquisition synergies.

For a detailed consultation on your upcoming acquisition, please reach out to our team at your earliest convenience.

A clearly defined strategy produces consistently positive results.

Corporate strategy is crucial in determining the most effective direction for any organization. Often, organisations engage in strategic transactions without fully considering their strategic implications. Common oversights include:

  • Raising capital without assessing the entire business portfolio, including the management, expansion, or optimisation of businesses and the evaluation of surplus cash flows in other units.
  • Opting to acquire another company instead of initially exploring joint ventures or alliances.
  • Entering a new market by building a business from scratch, neglecting the presence of potential acquisition targets.
  • Acquiring a company without considering integration challenges, such as differences in culture, systems, customers, and markets.
  • Divesting a business unit without fully evaluating strategic buyers who might pay a premium, potentially compromising on the sale price.
We offer expertise in the following areas to aid organisations with their corporate strategy:

  • Strategic and Business-Level Planning
  • Corporate Structuring and Reorganisation
  • Turnaround Management
  • Project and Investment Feasibility Assessments
  • Business and Financial Modelling
Our goal is to help organisations navigate through everyday business complexities and identify and implement the most suitable strategy for their unique situation.

For a detailed discussion about your corporate strategy needs, please contact our team today.

Strategic investments in the Asia Pacific region.

Our portfolio spans various businesses throughout Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. We specialise in mid-sized businesses, prioritizing medium to long-term strategic growth in all our investments. The key criteria guiding our investment decisions include:

  • A history of strong, consistent financial performance
  • A large, accessible market
  • A scalable business model
  • Opportunities for market disruption
  • Possibilities for complementary products or services
  • Potential for product or service bundling
  • Opportunities for bolt-on acquisitions
While our primary interest lies in acquisitions, we remain open to considering minority investments.

For a discussion about potential opportunities for your business, please reach out to our team today.
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Octani Investments helps clients with their transitional and transformational ownership and funding needs.

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